A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor device that emits visible light when an electric current passes through it. The LEDs are placed on a circuit board or similar device to allow electricity to pass through at a specific voltage and current. A halogen bulb is a gas-filled, high-intensity incandescent lamp having a tungsten filament and containing a small amount of a halogen that vaporizes on heating and redeposits any evaporated tungsten particles back onto the filament.

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Average Life Span (in hours)
Bulb Cost vs Life Span

Initial cost of L.E.D. is 8x the amount of a Halogen version HOWEVER…

L.E.D’s last 250x LONGER

L.E.D’s will SAVE you 28x more

  • No Replacing Bulbs.
  • Low Amperage Draw.
  • Less Downtime.
Other Differences


  • Emits heat through the bottom or back – bulb is not hot to touch
  • Low amerage draw
  • Higher colour temperature – Whiter, brighter light


  • Emits heat through bulb – bulb requires cool down time
  • Higher amerage draw
  • Lower colour temperature – Yellow light
  • Generally has a glass lens