Flood Beam

A diffused light which covers a wide area but does not offer distance. Ideal for lighting the surrounding area of equipment.

Trapezoidal Beam

A mid-focused light pattern that provides distance lighting in the front and ditches.

Spot Beam

The narrowest focus light pattern which provides a focused beam at a greater distance.


Light Output Comparison

Light output is measured and marketed in various ways. Factors that play in the final light output include the bulb, lens, reflector and light pattern.

Kelvin Colour Temperature Scale

Kelvin (K) is a unit of measurement used to describe the hue of a specific light source. The higher the Kelvin value, the more visible light will reflect back to the driver, increasing visibility at night. Bulbs with an output in the lower, amber Kelvin range work best in fog, snow or rain conditions to highlight objects and enhance contrast.







When measuring a light beam, the lumen measures the total visible light output, whereas the candela addresses directional intensity. 1 CANDLEPOWER (CP) = 0.981 CANDELA


What is the Purpose of an Amber Lens?

Amber lenses and covers are ideal in snow and fog situations where visibility is low. White light tends to scatter or disperse differently off fog droplets, rain droplets and snow causing a blurry, white out or dispersion effect. Using a single color, longer wavelength band of the spectrum reduces this dispersion of the light.